The Unexpected!

Every day we clean a large number of items. The majority of items cleaned present no problems. However, when a problem does arise it can often be perplexing and require further explanation. Here are a few real-world problems below.

Damaged caused by insects

Many insects can feast on your garments. Silverfish are a well-known example however they are not alone. Insects can partially weaken a fabric and during cleaning holes can develop from where the insect partially weakened it.

That stain wasn’t there before I had it cleaned?

This is a very valid question and it deserves an answer. A short video answer to this question can be found here.

Damage to Beads, Sequins, Buttons, Trims, Metallic Materials

If Beads, Sequins, Buttons, Trims and Metallic Materials have not been adequately tested to withstand the selected care label cleaning process they may MELT, DISOLVE, DISTORT, HARDEN, CHANGE COLOUR AND OR APPEARANCE. A short video to learn more is available here.

Colour loss and Dye transfer

When a dye runs into another area of the garment it can be frustrating. If the garment is cleaned in accordance with the Care Label and the dye still bleeds then the garment should be returned to the retailer and/or manufacturer for comment.

Curtains with blistering backings

Over the years curtains are exposed to Sunlight. In rare occasions the backings of “block-out” curtains will peel or blister after cleaning. Unfortunately it is impossible to tell whether “block-out” curtains will peel or blister. For more information ask for a information sheet in store.

Curtains that shrink

Most curtain care labels mention a 3-5% shrinkage factor. This stems from the manufacturer not pre-shrinking the materials.

Stitching and buttons

Have you ever been hanging your washing on the line and noticed that a section of stitching has come undone? Or a button is missing? The same thing can happen in dry cleaning. Generally the stitching or button may have been loose before being cleaned. Every day we perform minor repairs to these garments at no charge.

It is important to note that the majority of garments are cleaned with no problems at all. This is a credit to all parties involved. Further information sheets regarding unexpected problems are available in store. Where a problem does arise we are happy to explain what has happened and why it has happened.