Care Labels

Why they are very important!

Care labeling provides the public with enough information to:

  • know how to care for clothing and textile products
  • have prior knowledge of costs such as dry cleaning in the ongoing care of clothing and textile products
  • understand how to clean clothing and textile products properly (e.g. cold hand wash only)
  • maximise the useful life of clothing and textile products
  • avoid damage such as dyes running (e.g. wash separately).

Directly from the ACCC

Myth:If clothes are damaged even after following the care instructions on the label, there is nothing you can do about it.
Fact:As a consumer, you can speak with the seller and ask for a refund under statutory rights. Failing this, you can write a letter of demand to the seller. If this fails, you may lodge a complaint with a product safety regulator


Cleaning according to the care label

We clean all items in direct accordance with the manufacturer's care label. Should we need to select a different cleaning method we will explain the risks to you and seek your permission to proceed. It should be noted that occasionally manufactures make mistakes and attach incorrect care labels.

Find out what the Care Symbols mean

Care Symbols